What is #gmpotato?

#gmpotato is a place for people to debate the challenges and possibilities of genetically modified potatoes, and food technologies more generally, in Ireland.

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#gmpotato Witnesses

See what our witnesses have to say, and have your say in our forum or by commenting via facebook or twitter. Witness #1 Derek Deane

Derek is a Carlow farmer who has a specific interest in novel potato technologies. He fully supports the Teagasc potato trials. Derek is a prominent member of the Irish Farmers Association but he is speaking here in a personal capacity.

Witness #2 Stella Coffey

Stella is a high profile opponent of GM foods. She has organised demonstrations and lobbies strongly against GM, with the support of many Irish anti-GM groups. This self-styled "Granny Against GMOs" is a keen organic farmer who takes the position that the application of science behind the GM potato is fundamentally flawed.

Witness #3 Paidi O\'Reilly

Paidi is a UCC lecturer involved in a project called "PACITA" which is investigating, with other European countries, the concept of "parliamentary technology assessment". Paidi argues that PTA, an intensive process combining advanced political engagement with technical and societal expertise as well as a high degree of public consultation, is required for an issue like GM foods.

Witness #4 Ewen Mullins

Ewen is Senior Research Officer at the Crop Science Department of Teagasc. Teagasc is the state body tasked with supporting and developing agricultural technologies in Ireland. Ewen is leading the Irish team coordinating the potato field trials in Carlow, as part of the AMIGA Project.

Witness #5 Rose Kelly

Rose is a member of AFRI (Action From Ireland), a group which promotes debate on issues around justice, peace, global equity and democracy. AFRI is concerned about the global development of GM organisms, arguing that their control and regulation is a matter of social justice.

Witness #6 Grace Maher

Grace is a Carlow native, and also a member of the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association. IOFGA has a firm stance against the use of GM crops. One of the main arguments is how the use of these technologies would negatively impact on the green image that Ireland Inc and indeed the organic food lobby has successfully marketed in recent years.

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